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After fifteen years of partnering with the Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce on its annual visitor guide, Pica introduced a next-generation design for the 2016 Belfast The Bay and Beyond magazine, deepening coverage throughout Waldo County. 74 pages of carefully planned goodness about one of the Midcoast’s hottest cities and surrounding region, with spotlights on hidden gems and creative culture. A brand new section, Belfast 360°, allows the Chamber to focus on discreet sections of the region and include expanded content about Chamber members.

The signature centerfold encourages visitors to take a ride and discover all kinds of treasures and treats up and down the coastline north of town.


Acting as the Chambers’ full-service publishing partner, Pica provided and managed the writing, design, illustration and multiple photo shoots for a next-generation publication. Also included: extensive stock photography selection, purchasing and editing, and member ad management and placements.