Re: Email Responders

Re: Email Responders



Re: Email Responders
What do you get when the mercury rises and the days grow long? Out of the office messages like Gone on Vacation; Out Fishing; Unfortunately, I’m away from the office right now; 404: Office Manager not found; You are receiving this automatic notification because I’m not here; Presently not accounted for. This is not an exclusive phenomenon to those who live and work in Maine but it certainly occurs with more frequency during the summer months. And for good reason. This is peak time to actually get out and enjoy all that Maine has to offer that doesn’t involve snow, ice and galoshes.

So what is one to do when you’re the one at work and waiting for a reply? Here are 3 tips that may help:

1. Think light. When sending emails out during the summer months, try writing them as if you are dressing for the weather forecast. As a measure, the hotter the temperature, the lighter the email message should be.

2. Be cool. If and when you receive the auto responder, keep your conversation cool with any follow-up correspondence. Phrases like: “no worries” and “everything is gonna be alright” come to mind.

3. Don’t let em’ see you sweat. Remember, the goal here is to have your point of contact respond to your email as soon as possible. Typically, the more you press, the longer you’ll wait for the response. If you still don’t hear back, a simple reminder should do the trick.

It’s all in the delivery. Remember, cool, light and simple correspondence will serve you well during the summer months. And if you can’t beat em,’ join em.’

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